Top 10 SDN & SDWAN Solutions Providers in Europe - 2020
Ekinops: Rethinking Enterprise SDN

Top 10 SDN & SDWAN Solutions Providers in Europe - 2020

Businesses today demand highly flexible and scalable networks to leverage the rampant technological innovations and remain competitive. However, most of the existing networks are static by design that makes them expensive to run and difficult to maintain. Software-defined networking (SDN) has entered the scene in a big way with the promise of facilitating the deployment of enterprise-grade communication services in an agile, cost-effective, and flexible manner. With better visibility into the network flow achieved through SDN, companies operating in different geographical locations can benchmark their network performance and achieve faster returns on their business applications.

As more organizations continue to migrate their applications and solutions to the cloud, traditional WANs are struggling to cater to the rising demands for high bandwidth and optimized network control management. The traditional backhaul techniques add latency, which in turn, negatively impacts the end-user experience and results in lost opportunity for a business. SD-WAN can help enterprises improve user experience and business outcomes, enhance business agility and responsiveness, simplify WAN architecture, and reduce the cost while maintaining foolproof security. As networks become more intelligent and automated, IT teams and network administrators can focus their energy on the core business processes and ensure maximum compliance with all of the regulatory mandates in any region of the world.

With new technologies flooding the markets, companies must identify the specific solutions required to fuel the productivity and success of their business. As SDN and SD-WAN continue to grow through massive adoption and continuous innovation, the team at Enterprise Networking Magazine has shortlisted top-performing SD-WAN Companies as well as SDN and SD-WAN solution providers in Europe. We hope the exhaustive information presented in the edition comes in handy for you to choose the right SDN solutions partner.

We present to you Enterprise Networking Magazine’s “Top 10 SDN & SD-WAN Solutions Providers in Europe 2020.”

    Top SDN & SDWAN Solutions Providers in Europe

  • A networking, connectivity solutions and services provider that is redefining the way enterprises deploy SDN projects based on all their connectivity requirements. Built on a modular architecture, the EKINOPS 360 platform uses common hardware and software across multiple form factors, making it easily customizable to address any enterprise network requirement.With a full understanding that an enterprise’s network is critical for business success, Ekinops offers a comprehensive package of SDN services that are essential to plan, build and operate a connectivity systems infrastructure

  • UPC Business focuses on enhancing an enterprise network to improve key operational areas such as security, cloud architecture, productivity, control and transparency and flexibility. With its SD-WAN-as-a-Service architecture, UPC Business simplifies network configuration and management and enhances the end-to-end network performance visibility. This architecture addresses business prerequisites such as real-time risk identification, cloud and application connectivity, and dynamic network adaptations to user and business needs.Such a skill set, bolstered by its long-standing B2B management team, enables the company to meet all telecom and ICT needs for clients of all sizes through its wide range of products and IT partner ecosystem

  • ZEVENET offers the easiest and most accessible high availability solutions within the ADC market. Operating as an R&D developers elite force, the company provides high-tech networking and security open-core based solutions. The company provides efficient and broad load balancing methods to permit to scale any application of any nature, but also in an efficient way using software offload mechanisms to accelerate the traffic in microservices, containers infrastructure, and SD-WAN deployment. The company utilizes a client-centric approach to implement a comprehensive REST API with full open specification that permits the complete integration in an SDN infrastructure via the capabilities of programmability, agility and central controller

  • Adista


    Adista is today positioned as the benchmark telecoms operator and the French specialist in IT services delivered on Very High Speed networks. This success is reflected, among other things, in double-digit annual growth over the past 10 years, the development of a network of local sales agencies covering the entire French territory, as well as continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies. Adista provides businesses and local authorities, located in the white zone, with satellite internet access, completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure. Another broadband access technology, the Hertzian beam, which like the satellite, integrates perfectly into your MPLS VPN. Adista implements your VPN in perfect harmony with your information system

  • ADVA Optical Networking

    ADVA Optical Networking

    The company is founded on innovation and focused on helping our customers succeed. Their technology forms the building blocks of a shared digital future and empowers networks across the globe. They are continually developing breakthrough hardware and software that leads the networking industry and creates new business opportunities. It’s these open connectivity solutions that enable their customers to deliver the cloud and mobile services that are vital to today’s society and for imagining new tomorrows. Together, they are building a truly connected and sustainable future

  • Enea


    Enea is a Swedish company that engages in delivering information technology products and services for companies that develop communication-intensive products. The company offers a real-time operating system for embedded system, digital signal processors, hardware components such as Enea OSE (Operating System Embedded), Enea OSEck (OSE Compact Kernel) and Enea Linux for telcom purpose. Its products include Enea Netbricks - a communications protocol for telecom; Enea Polyhedra - a database; Enea Element - a software that interconnects operating systems with applications and Enea Element Center- a model-driven development platform. The company also provides project management, training, and quality assurance. The majority of the company's revenue comes from Europe

  • Global Cloud Xchange

    Global Cloud Xchange

    Global Cloud Xchange (GCX) offers network services which power digital transformation for enterprises, new media providers, and telecoms carriers. They cover all aspects of cloud-centric connectivity from managed SD-WAN and hybrid networks, to direct Cloud connections and 100 Gbps+ waves. With a pedigree going back 30+ years, GCX are experts in providing connectivity throughout the Emerging Markets Corridor into Asia via the vast GCX subsea network (the world’s largest private submarine cable network), with extensions available into more than 200 countries worldwide

  • Juniper Networks

    Juniper Networks

    Juniper Networks is a news network that designs, develops, and sells products and services, which together provide its customers with network infrastructure. Its aim is to create innovative products and solutions that meet the growing demands of the connected world. The company has 9,000 employees in 70 countries and nearly 5 billion U.S. dollars in revenue. Its customers include the top 100 global service providers and 30,000 enterprises, including the Global Fortune 100 as well as hundreds of federal, state, and local government agencies and higher educational organizations. Juniper Networks was founded in 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu, Dennis Ferguson, and Bjorn Liencres. It is based in Sunnyvale, C.A

  • Travelping


    Travelping is a trusted technology and innovation leader. The company aims to add value with their state-of-the-art products, cutting-edge solutions and high-quality services at each and every step of collaboration. Since 2004, Travelping best-in-class, carrier-grade solutions have been used internationally by great companies, including top-tier operators. Travelping is passionate about networks, communications and devices enabling their customers to deploy and operate networks using its architectural solutions, state of the art products, and managed services. Till date, Travelping has delivered high added value solutions to customers in Germany, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Mexico and China. This includes tier-one carriers such as Telefonica, British Telecom and Deutsche Telekom as well as international hardware vendors and system integrators

  • Zstor


    Zstor offers high-performance and cost-effective datacenter solutions for hosting/cloud internet providers, universities, and research institutes. Zstor team brings significant experience in server, storage and networking industry and offers Enterprise Class Storage and Networking features to a broad range of customers at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy server, storage and networking vendors. The Zstor products combine performance and reliability on a field-proven customizable hardware. A wide range of datacenters in Europe trust Zstor's high-availability storage and networking solutions, that can scale from a cluster-in-a-box up to several PetaBytes of storage, on an efficient, high-density and cost-effective platform