Top 10 SD-WAN Companies in UK - 2020
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Top 10 SD-WAN Companies in UK - 2020

SD-WAN has the potential to reduce the complexity of traditional networks and provide greater visibility and control. As more organizations continue migrating their applications and solutions to the cloud, traditional WANs are struggling to meet the rising demands for high bandwidth and optimized network control management. The traditional backhaul techniques add latency, which, in turn, negatively impacts the end-user experience and results in lost opportunity for a business. With better visibility into the network flow achieved through SDN, companies operating in different geographical locations can benchmark their network performance and achieve faster returns on their business applications.

SD-WAN companies bring together industry experts, the latest technologies, connectivity providers, SD-WAN vendors, and engineering teams to successfully transform the core infrastructure of business organizations across numerous verticals. With new technologies flooding the markets, companies must identify the specific solutions required to fuel their business's productivity and success. As SDN and SD-WAN continue to grow through massive adoption and continuous innovation, the team at Enterprise Networking Magazine has shortlisted top-performing SD-WAN Companies as well as SDN and SD-WAN solution providers in the UK. To help organizations and business leaders select the best solutions to advance their trade initiatives, our editorial board have assessed and shortlisted the best SD-WAN Companies that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. We hope the exhaustive information presented in the edition comes in handy for choosing the right SDN solutions partner. We give you Enterprise Networking Magazine's "Top 10 SD-WAN Companies in UK 2020."

    Top SD-WAN Companies in UK

  • The Horsham-based company, SAS Global Communications, is filling gaps in the mid-sized and enterprise market with specialised managed services for WAN, Internet, cloud access, hosted voice, security and managed IT. SAS Global designs bespoke hybrid networks, increasingly with SD-WAN. The company uses end-to-end digital processes and a single portal to run and monitor the entire infrastructure. Its single-minded aim is the improvement of performance, reliability and customer experience. SAS Global is proud of enabling its clients with industry-leading features, such as two-day circuit delivery with multi-SIM 4G and whole-application-path monitoring that tackles 95 percent of issues proactively

  • SDWAN Solutions brings together industry experts, the latest technologies, connectivity providers, SD-WAN vendors and engineering teams to successfully transform their clients' core infrastructure, with over two decades of hands on experience in their relevant fields. With SDWAN Solutions, one wouldn't need to be an expert in emerging network technologies spending months researching and meeting with dozens of suppliers. The company will do the groundwork for its clients, pushing the technologies to the limits by selecting only the best in class SD-WAN vendors to work with

  • BtL Communication

    BtL Communication

    BtL Communication is a supplier of business-to-business IT & telecoms products and services. Its objective is to provide businesses with tailored solutions that suit their businesses IT and Telecoms requirements whilst lowering costs and improving functionality and efficiency. Their services cover everything from the humble telephone line and mobile to cloud telephony and Office 365 and most things in between. BtL work to foster long-term relationships and in building a strong partnership with their clients. It carefully assess your needs before providing the ICT solution

  • Cato Networks

    Cato Networks

    Cato is the world’s first SASE platform, converging SD-WAN and network security into a global, cloud-native service. Cato optimizes and secures applications access for all users and locations. Using Cato, customers easily migrate from MPLS to SD-WAN, optimize global connectivity to on-premises and cloud applications, enable secure branch Internet access everywhere, and seamlessly integrate cloud datacenters and mobile users into the network with a zero trust architecture

  • Evolving Networks

    Evolving Networks

    Evolving Networks are a market leading SDN provider, fusing proprietary software technology with connectivity to create agile, resilient and intelligent connections. Evolving Networks supply software enhanced connectivity and SD-WAN solutions to businesses of all sizes, from the very biggest to the smallest. The Evolving Networks ecosystem brings together the UK's only Multi-VNO Access Network with their Intelligent Network Fabric to deliver high bandwidth, resilient, multipath Ethernet connections - anywhere, over any tail technology. Their unique approach delivers internet connectivity and SD-WAN as a Service to tens of thousands of workers across the UK and is trusted by the NHS, CSC, BAE Systems and Capita

  • Infinium


    Infinium are an experienced team of IT solution & WiFi specialists. Founded in 2002, They are proud of their history supplying quality IT solutions & WiFi networks to many UK businesses. They have specialist skills and experience to support businesses in the professional services, charities, hospitality, holiday and leisure, sports and distribution industries. Infinium provides sales, account management, finance, operational and technical services. Their head office includes specialist team of in-house technical engineers from first line support through to technical managers, they have a diverse skillset and are committed to continuous improvement through training and feedback. They are supported by the team of field engineers, based nationwide, to respond to customers quickly

  • Livewire Digital

    Livewire Digital

    Livewire Digital is privately owned, profitable, and growing steadily. Livewire Digital provides a wide range of communications, media and data management solutions, with a focus on the design of bespoke systems. Livewire Digital has a wide skill base crossing disciplines including broadcast video, electronics, software development, mechanical engineering and satellite communications. Livewire Digital have completed the installation of the media and communications systems for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18. It has also been awarded a contract by the European Space Agency to enhance the RazorLink Smart Networking technology

  • PrimoConnect


    PrimoConnect tests, audits, designs, builds & manages secure cloud and network infrastructure solutions as well as providing online cyber awareness training for staff via their portal. Providing solutions to enterprise clients across all sectors typically headquartered in the UK and small to medium businesses in heavily regulated sectors, PrimoConnect’s portfolio is centred around the design, build, management and support of robust cloud and network infrastructure, and offensive Cyber Security consulting. Between in-house consultants and their world class partners they strive to understand customers to help them meet their needs through all forms of modern communication

  • Rainbow Communications

    Rainbow Communications

    Rainbow Communications provide B2B telephony solutions across the UK and Ireland. They are the proud suppliers to over 40% of the Top 200 companies in Northern Ireland and thousands of SME's nationwide. Founded in 1994 by Eric Carson and Martin Hamill as TSI Ireland, they re-branded to 'Rainbow' in 1999. Rainbow's product portfolio has expanded rapidly in recent years with the evolution of data products and the acquisition of a mobile company in 2009. At Rainbow, customer service is of the utmost importance and each customer has a dedicated Account Manager who will help you with your query

  • Stream Networks

    Stream Networks

    Founded in 2007 by Matt Shanahan, a telecommunications and cloud entrepreneur. Matt recruited a small and experienced group of industry specialists to help build the network. A network that from its inception has been designed for business and corporate communications. This state of the art network, combined with an exceptional customer care focus, has seen the business thrive. They still passionate about their business and their network. Although they have grown in size, exceptional customer service still forms the very fabric of their business. Their business solutions encompass IP VPN’s, MPLS & VPLS private networks, Direct Internet Access products along with managed Voice, Security and an on demand cloud computing system. Stream Networks has a valuable range of knowledge and skills that enable us to both discuss strategy on the one hand, whilst being able to deliver rapid programs to manage change on the other