Fatpipe Networks : Effectuating Speed And Uninterrupted Connectivity

Fatpipe Networks : Effectuating Speed And Uninterrupted Connectivity

Sanchaita Datta, President & CTO , Fatpipe NetworksSanchaita Datta, President & CTO Almost every enterprise in the 21st century employs a slew of networking products to help conduct their businesses efficiently. But, as witnessed over the past decade, many companies have experienced the loss of millions, if not billions, of dollars in incredibly short amounts of time simply because of an ill-architected network infrastructure that did not perform as expected during mission-critical moments, with a clarion call for Hyperconnected networks.

IT expert Ragula Bhasker, PhD and CEO of FatPipe Networks—an esteemed computer networking solutions provider—helps substantiate the challenges of leveraging the power of hyperconnectivity. “Around 1998, I noticed that the internet was a strong growing technology, but its quality was often inferior and expensive,” he says. Point-to-point frame relays of 1.5 megabits cost companies and individuals around 4,500 dollars, and the price only went up for faster, more stable internet speeds. Moreover, if there happened to be any complications in establishing connections, an adequate failover infrastructure did not exist at the time. Internet service providers (ISP) did not possess the necessary technologies to offer custom programming to improve their border gateway protocols (BGP). The problem became quite apparent, and a solution for the same was yet to be invented.

Cue in FatPipe Networks, the brainchild of Bhaskar and his partner, Sanchaita Datta, currently its president and CTO. The company specializes in innovating software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) products built to provide users with impeccable, multi-line, and multi-provider connectivity. “Sanchaita and I decided that the best way to handle both speed and quality issues of the internet is to find a way to combine multiple lines from various carriers into one, single pipe; hence the name FatPipe,” expresses Bhaskar.

The Innovators of SD-WAN

Since the duo decided to make one of the most significant leaps in networking innovation, the company has grown to be one of the most prominent players in the IT space, offering organizations of all market segments clever and intuitive SD-WAN solutions. Capitalizing on the need for increased network redundancies, they also developed effective methods to migrate legacy infrastructures to hybrid WANs. FatPipe Networks cultivated best practices and techniques to seamlessly switch from one line to another without dropping a session. Bhaskar recalls his early interactions with investors where they did not initially believe in the technology. But FatPipe Networks proved otherwise with its networking products, empowering businesses with highly reliable and increased bandwidths at incredibly affordable prices. “Our solutions have the ability to establish secure connections with remote users all over the world. FatPipe is addressing today’s challenges with standard SD-WAN products as well as advanced functionality for SSL and IPSec-based remote user solutions,” adds Sanchaita.

Continuous Networking Development

FatPipe Networks’ SD-WAN technology can effortlessly manage failover critical traffic, an essential feature and necessity in today’s unified communication as a service (UCaaS) and video conferencing-based workflows.

Our products provide not only increase security but also obfuscate internet traffic, making it almost impossible to decrypt

The company has developed a slew of advanced technologies solely dedicated to the enhancement of networking capabilities. It aces inbound load balancing at scale with its flagship SmartDNS solution. The product intelligently manages incoming IP traffic loads, providing increased redundancies by allowing the host LAN to be more accessible through multiple connections. It supports the hosting of internal servers as well.

Moreover, FatPipe Networks’ hard-working and dedicated staff intuitively designed their solutions to be highly efficient in all respects, including installations. Clients can expect to implement SmartDNS, and a slew of other offerings from FatPipe Networks, within 20 minutes, avoiding the hassles of downtime. Ensuring uninterrupted workflows in a client’s organization is critically important to Bhaskar and his team, and thus, they innovated products for business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR). The company boasts an impressive ability to failover traffic between primary and off-prem disaster recovery sites. As the migration to cloud-hosted environments is becoming increasingly popular, such solutions are essential for automated BCDR deployments.

It is also important to note that, as these networks expand, several security concerns arise. FatPipe Networks, with its multi-path security (MPSec) technology, adds an additional level of fortification for business-critical traffic throughout a client’s enterprise architecture. “Our products not only provide increased security but also obfuscate internet traffic, making it almost impossible to decrypt,” adds Bhasker.

Always Up for a Challenge

The company constantly stays ahead of its competition due to its healthy corporate culture that constantly motivates employees to rise to the occasion. “FatPipe Networks’ ethos is focused on serving our customers with the best services possible, all the while providing our team members the resources they need to grow within the company,” states Sanchaita. The most important thing for FatPipe Networks is to keep its workforce engaged with challenging client problems and providing much-needed inspirations to help them constantly develop new or improve on existing products. With a keen eye on improving the accessibility of networking products, the company continually invests in making its solutions easier to install and use, thereby providing a holistic, business-critical advantage to all its clients.

FatPipe Networks credits its prosperity to the amount of time and resources it allocates towards understanding the genuine needs and problems companies face.Consulting with them, developing a product for their particular use cases, and testing it comprehensively to ensure a seamless execution is the ultimate objective for FatPipe Networks and its skilful staff.
  • Our solutions have the ability to establish secure connections with remote users all over the world

Remote Working Assistance Throughout the Pandemic

Owing to the company’s action-readiness in the field of networking, FatPipe Networks had already adopted the practice of leveraging robust remote working within its culture well before the unfortunate events of 2020. This enabled it to be one of the frontrunners in addressing Covid- 19-related technological requirements. The networking giant introduced various remote working products that helped employees across an enterprise and streamlined the orchestration of work-from-home models. “These products are simple to deploy and enable remote users to prioritize their business traffic over shared bandwidth at home. We are happy that we were able to respond to the changing business environment rapidly,” says Sanchaita.

With such robust capabilities and expertise in the field, FatPipe Networks has supported several organizations, many in the ranks of Fortune 1000, effectively tackle their enterprise-wide networking issues throughout this pandemic. The company has assisted many educational institutions as well; as in the case of a school in Texas with almost 150,000 students, FatPipe Networks managed all those connections effortlessly and ensured that every class was executed without interruptions.

The Road Ahead

As one of the most prominent SD-WAN solutions providers in the field, FatPipe Networks has successfully supported companies of all sizes in addressing their networking needs for over two decades. Moving forward, the company intends to continue its research and development towards the next generation of high-speed networking and hybrid WAN solutions. “We want organizations to know that if they have a network challenge, we hold the solution they need,” promises Bhaskar. The company’s core offerings have gained significant traction throughout the marketplace today, and businesses in South America and Asia currently stand to benefit significantly from its intuitive solutions. Having successfully tested over 150,000 node networks, FatPipe Networks empowers enterprises with large-scale IoT deployments to host millions of devices with seamless connectivity. Building and solidifying relationships with its ever-growing client base is also on the company’s agenda for its progress. As the internet continues to govern how the world conducts business today, Bhaskar, Sanchaita, and their team are constantly on the path of improvement, establishing robust networking infrastructures across the globe.
- Lester D’Souza
    June 25, 2021
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