EKINOPS: Rethinking Enterprise SDN

EKINOPS: Rethinking Enterprise SDN

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Didier Brédy, CEO, EKINOPSDidier Brédy, CEO The entry of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in the core enterprise IT mix has Communication Service Providers (CSP) and carriers rethinking their strategies while delivering secure, interconnected communication streams to their end-users. As enterprise customers typically have separate solutions for the aforementioned processes, it is in the hands of the network service providers to help companies understand the reason for having the control of these intricate procedures under a single operating system for better interoperability. However, a hurdle they must surpass is in keeping the one-stop networking infrastructure deployments as cost-effective and reliable as possible.

To begin, many SD-WAN vendors concentrate on connectivity and VPN and design their packages around Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) to keep the costs low and deliver bargain-priced products to companies. This functional technique, though, has not been well received as feasible for global VPN deployments across multi-national workflow outlets by many experts. The main objection is that as more locations are added into an application structure in creating a unified process implementation can lead to massive financial stress and connectivity downtime.

At EKINOPS, an SDN solution and services provider, the aim is to aid firms across multiple business areas to adopt appropriate VPN technologies that are most suitable for their requirements. This proposed course of action enables enterprises to fulfill end-customer demands and deliver custom networking programs with cost-effective pricing plans that keep them in the ring of competitiveness. Presently, EKINOPS is on a mission to deploy such architectures to enterprises as another layer of services on top of their exquisite range of products. The intention is to offer enterprise customers a rich set of options to enable them with secure networking across all their business facilities.

Engaging Enterprise Network Solutions

As enterprise networking architectures get complicated day by day, and with data playing a large role in the way companies engage with end-users, often at times, they are at a crossroads while deciding on the right mixture of secure VPN connectivity for their optical transport systems. The EKINOPS 360 optical transport platform allows firms to optimize their network to perform with the necessary utility and agility required in the digital age. Built on a modular architecture, the platform uses standard hardware and software across multiple IT infrastructures, making it easily customizable to address any enterprise network requirement.

With a full understanding that an enterprise’s network is critical for business success, Ekinops offers a comprehensive package of SDN services that are essential to plan, build, and operate a connectivity systems infrastructure

The mainstay of the platform is the connectivity speed it brings to an enterprise network. The application enhances runtimes to deliver up to 1.2 Tbps in 2RU (Remote User) and 2 Tbps in 7RU. EKINOPS 360’s compact form factor allows for a high degree of service and transport flexibility. Furthermore, the patented T-Chip technology permits inherent changes to be made to a service profile with a simple firmware download, enabling support for 100M to 100G networking frequencies. The Coherent FlexRate capability of the optical transport platform is software configurable for either 100G or 200G depending on clients’ operational systems capacity and distance requirements. Ekinops delivers encryption through the PM Crypto module, supporting protection standards such as AES-GCM 256 hardware-based encryption and Diffie-Hellman key exchange.

"Built on a modular architecture, the EKINOPS 360 platform uses standard hardware and software across multiple form factors, making it easily customizable to address any enterprise network requirement"

The EKINOPS 360 platform also offers support for up to 4 channel CWDM and DWDM fixed OADM filters, both for dual and single-fiber models, as well as reconfigurable optical add/ drop multiplexers (ROADM). The combined mix of connectivity techniques and technologies allows for the provision of a cost-efficient method to accumulate and control the flow of data traffic across any type of network topology.

Preparing Enterprises for SDN Deployment

Ekinops offers a comprehensive package of SDN services that are essential to plan, build, and operate a connectivity system infrastructure. To ensure that end-user experience is optimal, network operators continuously strive to evolve and enhance the reliability of their network. These services aid them in delivering a system that is critical to enterprise business development with best-in-class performance. The EKINOPS Professional Services are also designed to assist the network providers in educating their existing operational support team further and be equipped with the adequate training that is in line with the latest industry standards.
Enterprises and network providers engaging EKINOPS Professional Services are treated to a range of significant benefits such as a reduction in time to market for network services activation. Enterprises on a necessity basis can select operational services and resources to utilize at any given point of their workflows, making it easy to plan, budget, and control operating costs. The experts at Ekinops guarantee that existing enterprise support teams are well trained and knowledgeable in supporting their end-users as well. In turn, other teams at enterprises besides their IT can focus on their areas of concern, and achieve key business motives and initiatives, thereby enhancing productivity.

The Redefining SDN Structure Approach

The main goal at EKINOPS is to ensure that an enterprise network delivers comprehensive performance and reliability that is cost-effective to run, upgrade, and easily maintain. EKINOPS provides a substantial subset of services that empower organizations to audit, develop, design, and conduct site surveys of their network connectivity architectures. With a definitive process structure, Ekinops service engineers can aid clients in gaining insights to deliver high quality, economically feasible installation and implementation of a networking connectivity architecture. This approach enables the clients also to lay a solid foundation for the enhanced network stability and performance levied to their end-users.

As connectivity downtime poses a severe threat to the reliability of an enterprise network, Ekinops has a wide variety of training models to enhance the knowledge of existing network engineers at client facilities. The personnel can leverage these educative programs to ensure an always-available network performance for their end-users. The classes cover all subjects from the basics of DWDM to extensive overviews of all EKINOPS solutions they require to optimally utilize, deploy, and maintain all the technologies mentioned above. With a highly trained staff force, EKINOPS’ customers can control operational costs, increase network availability, and operational efficiency while also have adequate support for timely implementation and problem resolution for their end-users.

Besides, EKINOPS also provides a range of after-market support services that include technical support, priority hardware repair, and a full view of all upgrades for maintenance of the latest software releases. Users also get total access to the EKINOPS Technical Support website. Customers can inherently choose the most cost-efficient programs based on their networking requirements..
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    May 28, 2020
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A networking, connectivity solutions and services provider that is redefining the way enterprises deploy SDN projects based on all their connectivity requirements. Built on a modular architecture, the EKINOPS 360 platform uses common hardware and software across multiple form factors, making it easily customizable to address any enterprise network requirement.With a full understanding that an enterprise’s network is critical for business success, Ekinops offers a comprehensive package of SDN services that are essential to plan, build and operate a connectivity systems infrastructure